The Dark Knight Rises APK Remastered is an action adventure game from gameloft. Released back in 2012 as a premium game. Game were released at an equivalent time when TDKR movie were arrived. This batman game is one among the milestone game which everyone would like to remember. Open world batman game for the fans of Batman and open world action game lovers. action packed sequences in story driven stunts and real gadgets from the movie.The latest remastered version now supports android 10 Q. Difference Between Covid-19 and Other Pandemics

The Dark Knight Rises – Batman trilogy End for Android. The arcade are going to be his worst enemy Bane, which hopes to select up all the Batman, all that's most dear to him. of these characters – Cat-woman, Lucius Fox and Commissioner Gordon also TKA – spomogut take us in an exciting game. We are expecting the bombs, jail, hostage and dizzying chase. convince all residents of Gotham that we will get up for his town. Collecting items, attend the development , as we expect an exciting battle system. Learn all of Gotham on the large map, evaluate the superb graph, because of which we will return to the dark Batman universe.

How yo Install:

Download ZArchiver from playstore.  extract the file into the android folder go to data folder and extract the file. Now after being extracted, you will come back to the same folder where you have downloaded the file and go and click on TDKR APK data file, click on view and you will see your application by clicking on it and clicking on open and Install. You have to keep internet is off not even on net, Game is offline.

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