MPL Rogue Heist - India's 1st Shooter Game

MPL Rogue Heist - India's 1st Shooter Game

The USP: every game is different and unique because you never know what strategy your opponent has against you; so you either have to ace from the start or try to catch up hard. Battle with your crew or go it alone to test other game modes because playing is much easier than mastering. what google knows about you even if you don't use its product. With 8 experts to unlock and a fully loaded storage; you have a chance to reach the ROGUE level! Heist Mode.  

A unique Heist mode where both teams compete for the same objective in a series of events to come out as a winner. Skills and teamwork are most sought after in this way. Brawl All player competes as a single competition to transfer the largest virtual amount to the game count. Interesting statistics of lifestyle-activity of citizens in different countries of the world With every other player as an opponent, you had to choose between surviving or risking robbing it all. Very fast yet packed; most stealer wins. Gang War It's maybe all gun out mode.Vengeance; your gang Vs the opponent gang. Compete to achieve more kills after the 7 minute timer expires, or reach a total of 50 kills first; wins.

Heist ModeA distinctive Heist Mode wherever each the groups are vying for identical objective in {an exceedinglyin a very} series of events to come back out as a winner. Strategy & cooperation are most asked for skills for this mode.BrawlEach player enters as a solo competition to transfer the most important virtual add to his account within the game. 

With each different player as an opponent, you bought to choose between extant or risking to loot it all. quick paced nonetheless action packed; From plane takeoff to landing in cockpit air travel! the largest outlaw wins.Gang War It's the all guns out mode. retribution maybe; your gang Vs the opponent gang. The competition to either have a lot of kills once a timer of seven minutes ends or reach a complete of fifty kills first; wins.

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Team up for period of time 5v5 battles 

8 unlock-able specialists 

New daily challenges to create the sport more gratifying for players

Deep progression system 

Climb to the highest of the leader-boards to enter higher leagues 

Customize your specialist with hanging skins 

Fully loaded store to shop for character & gun skins & emotes 

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